Billboard Charts

"Me"," #5 on The Billboard Blues Albums Chart 6/18/24

"Katie Knipp Live at The Green Room Social Club," #9 on the Blues Albums Chart  6/22

"The Well," #4 on the Blues Albums Chart 3/21

"Take it With You"    #10 on the Blues Albums Chart 11/18

"Take it With You"    #9 on the Heat Seekers Pacific Chart 11/18

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Awards and Nominations

2021 Female Artist of the Year by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm for "The Well"

2021 Album of the Year by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm for "The Well"

2021 Album of the Year on The Bear Blues Show, Aycliffe Radio UK for The Well 

2021 Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Albums spun for The Well

2020 SAMMIE Winner for Best Blues Artist, Sacramento News and Review 

2020 Female Artist of the Year Honoree by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm

2019 SAMMIE Award Winner for Best Blues Artist, Sacramento News and Review, also nominated for Artist of the Year

Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Blues Albums spun for 2018 and 2019 for "Take it With You" worldwide radio spins

Billboard World Song Contest honorable mention for "Eyes Like Birds" and "Brother".

2017 SAMMIE Nominee for Best Blues Artist 

Voted #1 Band in Marin County by readers of The North Bay Bohemian 2005 and 2006




Recent Press:

Fearless in darkness, fearless in light: Katie Knipp’s ‘Me’ plumbs the depths of struggle – album release show this Saturday at Harlow’s

Sacramento News and Review 6/12/24

“This record delivers so much more than you may even be ready for to be honest because it's got impact and such memorable performances by all parts that it's a lot to wrap your head around and that to me, is so much fun I can't even explain it.” -.Review from The Recording Artists Guild: Read Full Article Here

What they are saying about the new album, "me"

Release day 6/7/24

“I haven't been this moved by anything in a long time. It just knocked me out. This is some of the most creative and beautiful song writing. I think you've done something incredible here.”
-Walter Trout

“A masterpiece of musical tones throughout and her voice rises like a primeval beast. With its heartfelt songwriting, impeccable musicianship, and soul-stirring performances, this is an album that demands to be heard.” -Colin Campbell, Blues Matters Magazine click here for full interview spread and review:

“The album is really great! The songwriting is really classic sounding but also out of the box, which is tough to do. Katie’s powerful delivery is natural and authentically rooted in that classic gooshy saturated 70’s rock. I love it. She reminds me of like a Nor-Cal Fiona Apple-especially in its willingness to surprise and take fun and interesting musical turns. Neve vibes on the whole thing. Very 70’s. She’s weird and cool” -Eli Brueggemann, Musical Director for Saturday Night Live

“This latest release by Katie Knipp “Me” has some really good songs on it! Katie’s style is unique and very original. It sounds amazing” - Tommy Castro

“Katie Knipp’s new musical offering “Me” embodies stylistically familiar throwback sounds, it’s esoteric and at times haunting. This is creative stuff. Great! I am a fan for life!”
-James LoMenzo, bassist for John Fogerty, Megadeth, and White Lion

"....she and her band kick the ass of the best American musical traditions headlong into the 21st century. Me takes you on a rambling journey – from the humid, jazzy streets of New Orleans’ famed French Quarter, to the blues roots of the Mississippi Delta, coupled with the emotional humanity of West Coast singer-songwriters and the funky grooves of Memphis’ famed Stax Records." -Gino Sigismondi, Inner Psyche Productions, Shure Mic Inc.  Full Review Here:

"I know good music when I hear it.  Katie Knipp grabbed my attention with her new album, “Me.” She captured it with the first note on the first song, “Mud.” The album unfolds like a theatrical performance. She’s a storyteller, an explorer, a rocker. By the fifth song, I’ve decided, “Yep, she’s got me. Everything here is good. I’ll just put my interpreter’s ears away now and just enjoy it.” The powerful yet rather humorous title track, “Go,” would fit seamlessly on “Magical Mystery Tour.” I feel like I hear Neil’s influence on “Dirty Cables.” I dig the bluesy “Lava Pot.” “The Devil's Armchair” simply grows and builds. Bravo, Katie Knipp!" -Tim Parsons, Tahoe Onstage

"I was unable to get to sleep so listened to the new Katie Knipp album 'Me' three times, to say I'm blown away is an understatement, ten amazing songs including my favourite 'Stillness' (which I listened to six times) which is one of the most powerful songs I've heard in a long time. 'Me' is astonishingly good 5/5 Bears" -Colin Mcneillie, Aycliff Radio's Bear Blues Show, UK

“This is incredible.  Original unique and soulful ….she’s really pushing herself and experimenting in other genres while still holding her true blues roots throughout the record.” - Dave Hughes, KVHS The Beat of Diablo

“4 stars…Beautifully original..her impassioned and slinky voice and wry lyrical flair are on full display from the first to the last line of each song, making her required listening.” -David Robinson, RnR Magazine, UK

“Katie pulled a Brian Wilson on me with “Time and Space” and “I Want to Tell You”- refreshing to my ears to what music can be.  This is not just a collection of songs but rather a renewal of the spirit.”-Mick Martin, KZAP

“It’s outstanding in every way! I really enjoyed it a lot! If I was a critic I’d give it 5 stars.  All the songs are great as well as the arrangements and sound design, very artistically satisfying. Standouts for me after one listen: excellent piano sound, very big and rich, your vocal on Stillness and I really connected with I Want To Tell You. I hope it gets the widespread recognition it deserves. I could see this in Grammy contention and winning in the contemporary blues album category. Good work!!“". -Oz Fritz, engineer for Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Primus, and more

Blues Matters Magazine Feature Apr/May 2021 Review and Interview Piece. "A Five-Star Rating."- Adam Kennedy

On Her Latest Single, "Chamomile and Cocaine"

Live Performance Reviews

Blues Matters Magazine, UK, Featured in 4 Issues

Reviews of her 5th Album, "Take it With You"

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