Billboard Charts

"Katie Knipp Live at The Green Room Social Club," #9 on the Blues Albums Chart  6/22

"The Well," #4 on the Blues Albums Chart 3/21

"Take it With You"    #10 on the Blues Albums Chart 11/18

"Take it With You"    #9 on the Heat Seekers Pacific Chart 11/18

Awards and Nominations

2021 Female Artist of the Year by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm for "The Well"

2021 Album of the Year by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm for "The Well"

2021 Album of the Year on The Bear Blues Show, Aycliffe Radio UK for The Well 

2021 Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Albums spun for The Well

2020 SAMMIE Winner for Best Blues Artist, Sacramento News and Review 

2020 Female Artist of the Year Honoree by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm

2019 SAMMIE Award Winner for Best Blues Artist, Sacramento News and Review, also nominated for Artist of the Year

Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Blues Albums spun for 2018 and 2019 for "Take it With You" worldwide radio spins

Billboard World Song Contest honorable mention for "Eyes Like Birds" and "Brother".

2017 SAMMIE Nominee for Best Blues Artist 

Voted #1 Band in Marin County by readers of The North Bay Bohemian 2005 and 2006




Knipp has continued to build an audience around the operatic intensity of her singing and the emotional whiplash of her lyric-writing, a style that she somehow channels through an experimental, genre-blending evolution of blues, rock and soul traditions. ”

The Sacramento News and Review

Not only is her band several levels above your average blues combo and her own musical, vocal attributes enthralling; but her songwriting and lyrical abilities deliver humor, complexity and an emotional power that takes her art way beyond genre boundaries.”

American Blues Scene

Featured in Blues Matters Magazine Aug/Sept 2022:

"Extraordinary vocals with lyrics that comfort or cut like a deep slide and lusty insanity..this is the real deal Katie, brash and unruly, belting out originals from 6 previous releases as the band delivers in stereo- hi-fi tightly behind her." -Darrell Sage, Blues Matters Magazine "Knipp’s live album, officially due June 10, serves up a radiant platter of her patented NOLA-steeped brand of slidin’ blues rock — smokey, syrupy and ever-genuine" -Aaron Davis, The Sacramento Bee

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What They Are Saying About The Well

Released on March 12, 2021

"A five-star rating" -Adam KennedyBlues Matters Magazine, UK (see below section for full spread)

"Katie's 6th album takes you from New Orleans Punkabilly, to gospel, to blues rock, to the Mississippi Delta- all with the common denominator of Katie's original songwriting and undeniable voice.  This "gumbo pot" of crossover blues is about to shake up the roots-music world." -Relix Magazine

"Her voice is delightful, and perfectly suited to the blues.  Her songwriting chops are some of the finest currently on display anywhere and the chemistry she has with her band members is to die for.   They may call it the blues, but there’s nothing depressing about the quality of sound and music that Knipp exudes. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this one up for Grammy consideration." -Robert Leggett, LA Music Critic  

"Versatility. That’s the word to properly define Katie Knipp’s work. The Well is the 6th album released by her. It’s an EP with only five songs, but a features an array of blues, R&B, soul. Katie Knipp is a gifted musician, able not only to play slide guitar, piano, and harmonica but mainly able to make her singing prevail over the textures of a song." -Marcel Innocentini, Blues Rock Review's%20an%20EP%20with%20only,the%20textures%20of%20a%20song.&text=This%20song%20shows%20a%20myriad,horns%2C%20bass%2C%20and%20drums.

"Knipp brings to Americana what Shakira does to pop: incredible versatility and an unforgettable, distinctive vocal delivery. Her music is sure to be a hit with fans of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt and Amy Winehouse alike. Although her original sound defies labels, the songs on this record often cross into the same bluesy realm of Americana that artists such as Anderson East occupy."  -Guitar Girl Magazine

"The lady and her team are not serving you small beer, the drink makes Guinness look like kid's lemonade.  This EP fully deserves the 5 Stars attributed to it by Blues Matters Magazine.  No wonder the record has been hitting the Roots Music Charts for Weeks."  -Preumont Michel, Concert Monkey, Belgium

"Knipp’s performance in The Well is marked by the kind of vocal gusto that I associate with a singer like New Orleans badass boss-lady Wanda Rouzan."  -Scott Anderson, Sacramento News and Review

"Rolling a myriad of New Orleans piano styles and Grade A dobro and resonator work into her own blues cocktail, her powerful voice and fine-tuned songwriting echo everything from Aretha and Mahalia to Fleetwood Mac and even Captain Beefheart."- Michael Limnios, Keep the Blues Alive, Greece

"Firm and raw.  A great record with one drawback:  it is too short." -Eric Campfens, Barn Owl Blues

"Soul, soul, soul." -Gabe Nelson, Cake

"Knipp performs a unique interpretation of traditional blues and soul music.  Her new CD features excellent musicianship and instrumentation recorded down and dirty.  Somewhat reminiscent of a young Maria Muldar."  -Lewis Stephens, keyboardist for Gary Clark Jr., ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, the late Freddie King, and more.

"The blues idiom has survived for so long because of artists continually reinventing it so that it seems vital and contemporary.  Katie has used her impressive talents to put her own stamp on this from-the-heart musical form and she continues to evolve.  It is exciting to witness such a talent in progress.  Most importantly, her songs are a great deal of fun." -Mick Martin, host of Cap Radio's Blues Party

“With inventive musicians like Katie Knipp, roots music will survive.” -Freddy Celis, Rootstime, Belgium

"Covers a lot of ground, but it all remains close to the blues.  Her impressive vocal range is well-presented throughout." -Norman Darwen, Blues in the South, UK


Blues Matters Magazine Feature Apr/May 2021 Review and Interview Piece. "A Five-Star Rating."- Adam Kennedy

On Her Latest Single, "Chamomile and Cocaine"

She's outrageous, she's multi-talented, and certainly one to set the spotlight on the Sacramento area” - Mick Martin

— Cap Radio's Rush Hour Blues Host

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Blues Matters Magazine, UK, Featured in 4 Issues

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