When are you playing again in Sacramento?
I remember when you performed on Friday's in Benicia. Glad you are still at it!Maybe I'll see you at Coachella ...
I will hear you play live one of these days...soon :)
Katie, I'm so proud you're doing Chickapalooza!!! Way to go!!!
Saw you the other night in Pacifica, you were great. Beautiful and dark, great songs, beautiful voice, very beautiful girl with soul. Hope to see you again someday! Take care.
hey sweetheart its been awhile Aileen and i got married lifes good lookin to to see you again miss you love friends forever love to see you still climbing . To me you are the best! love you Jerry from Willits
just listened to take her down and recalled your talent and charm love from tiburon
Great voice, interesting bio. I liked Way Home.
What a trip! You popped into my head the other day so I check the web to find out if you're still playing. Turns out you are and that you're playing gigs in Sactown! Don't see anything upcoming, but hhope to oon. Would love to come out and hear what you're doing these days. Be well, Zach
Great to meet you today. I like what I hear on this site. Will call you tonight.
Hi Katie, I just stopped by your site to say hello. Love your music, very nice! Friends at Myspace now, and I'll hope that someday I could take your piano course, perhaps. Cheers to you!
Hi Katie, I caught your show at Harlow's and I was very impressed by your voice and piano work. Thanks for the enjoyable music.
Saw you at Harlows and WOW, you are amazing. When are you coming back to Sacramento?
I can't wait to hear you. I'm friends with Nate and Rachel. Hope to see, hear, and meet you soon.
'Looking forward to getting to see you! Gary
Viva El Dorado! I think it inspired your talent... ;) Seriously amazing voice Katie, I am so impressed and happy for you. Wishing you much success and happiness!
Katie, I really enjoyed talking on the telephone with you today. Thanks so much for caring enough about my cause & offering to help do a benefit for the Robyn Star Field Foundation. My west coast connections are the greatest. P.S. I really enjoy listening to your Music. Your Voice and your songs have a calming effect. I will play them anytime I need to chill when life gets too stressful for me. Your new friend in Ohio, Rick
Nice to see you are doing well and persuing your dreams.
Hey Katie,I just got your new cd from a local store in Sac, and it's great! I really like song #1...can't remember the name right now..."something hell?" Anyway congrats on being able to play so many instruments and writing such great tunes. Let me know when you play locally next!
Hey there, I love the web site and your music. You sing w/ passion & soul... I like that. Great to meet you today. keep me updated. talk to you soon... Rodney
New site looks great!
Wow!!!!! Thank You
Hi Katie, I(with my classmates) met you at "The backdoor" during your photo shoot. You played a song for us. Can you give me the title? Thanks
Love the new photos....listened to short takes on your site....you look and sound good as always.....
Hey Katie--great site--you are quite the musician--maybe we can see you when we're up that way--probably next summer. Hope to see you soon.
You go, girl! I am very happy for your, Katie, and I look forward to you new CD! The very best of luck! Teri

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